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Executive Leadershipgarage

A rapidly changing world is bringing along many challenges in the professional world. Especially leadership styles and leadership types are affected by technological advancements, new systems and a shift in values among employees as well as various different stakeholders.


Who is the target audience?

The seminars of the Executive LeadershipGarage are tailor-made for people in management positions of different hierarchical levels. Everybody who is facing challenges in the different working fields

Module 1 (Focus Leadership): Leading in a Digital World

The digital world made many things easier. It connected people and allowed everything to be only one click away. At the same time, there are a number of challenges and skills you will need to acquire to overcome challenges. That is why you will be dealing with a digital mindset and leadership, an innovation mindset, building a digital culture and the topic of the power of networking in leadership.


    Module 2 (Focus Organization): Digital Execution and Shaping Systems

    Working remotely was quickly implemented early 2020 due to the pandemic. Even after the return to normal or the “new normal” many aspects of remote working will remain. This new means of working requires particular leadership skills and tools. You will be discussing ways to most efficiently use this system. You will discuss with experts how a post-pandemic workforce could look like. This does not only cover the field of digital aspects, but also health professionals, interior architects and financial advisors that create innovation spaces, enhance the well-being or optimize cost-benefit-calculations.

      Module 3 (Focus Data and AI): AI Tools for Leaders

      You are oftentimes not facing a lack of data, but rather an abundance of it. A current as well as future challenge is to properly deal with data. In this module you will be working on the question how data-literate your organization is. You will thinking about the capacities you have in your organization to accurately process the data. You will be learning to “speak data” a little bit better.

        Module 4 (Focus Culture): Inside Silicon Valley Symposium

        As the final part of the modules, you are going on a trip to Silicon Valley to meet entrepreneurs and scientists there, visit facilities in which future ideas are developed. You not only have a chance to discuss these changes and how to respond to them, but how to use them and be ahead of competitors and colleagues when it comes to these aspects.

          Your Advantages:

          • You are learning about the leadership challenges of the future, including aspects you had not even been aware of previously
          • You are exchanging with experts that are not only aware of the future, but that are taking part in developing and shaping technologies you will be using in the future
          • You can apply what you learned to your daily working experience and bring up your individual leadership challenges

          Dates and modes:

          • Module 1: Leading in a Digital World: January 19th/20th, 2022 in Heilbronn
          • Module 2: Digital Execution and Shaping Systems: April 7th, 2022 16:00-19:00 hours CET, online
          • Module 3: AI Tools for Leaders: June 22nd/23rd, 2022 in Heilbronn
          • Module 4: Inside Silicon Valley Symposium: October 17th – October 21st, 2022 in Silicon Valley


          Book the modules right away

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          Workshop direction and contact persons

          Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch

          Prof. Dr. Sabine Remdisch

          Scientific Direction "Digital Series"

          Prof. Sabine Remdisch is Professor of Personal and Organizational Psychology and Head of the Institute for Performance Management at Leuphana. Her current focus is on leading and working in the digital world. She conducts research on this topic as a visiting scholar at Stanford University in Silicon Valley and uses the LeadershipGarage to pool her expertise.

          Cody Long

          Cody Long

          Referent "Digital Series"

          As part of the LeadershipGarage, Cody helps prepare the employees and international organizations for the demands of a digital market and the skills needed to innovatively push their business models forward, including Data Science and Design Thinking. The goal is to create human-centered design sessions in order to integrate digital skills with the organizational, social, and inter-personal skills necessary to educate, motivate, and excite people towards common goals.

          For more information, please contact us!

          If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us or send us an e-mail, we are looking forward to talking to you.

          Christoph Kleineberg, Managing Director Leuphana GmbH, Tel: 04131-677 1910, eMail: kleineberg[at]leuphana.de 
          Fiona Markward, Student employee Leuphana GmbH, Tel: 04131-677 1911, eMail: markward[at]leuphana-gmbh.de

          Companies that are interested in joint research projects in the topic area of „Digital Leadership and the Future“ or would like to exchange ideas on such content are recommended to collaborate with Leuphana University Lüneburg and LeadershipGarage. Information is available here.